COOL THERM is a reflective/insulation coating stemming from the ceramic development on NASA's space shuttles. Four types of special ceramics developed by NASA coat, reflect, and dissipate solar energy effectively.
COOL THERM greatly reduces the heat entrance from the roof and lowers the temperatures.
COOL THERM has been used by many corporations and applied to more than 4 million sq.m. (equivalent to more than 130 Tokyo Dome Baseball Stadiums) since it was first introduced in 1993. It has been receiving great credence on its effect.

NASA's space shuttle

Special Ceramics Developed by NASA

The ceramics used in COOL THERM do not conduct heat. Therefore, you will not feel any heat even when those ceramics are burned on your hand with a burner (1300℃). COOL THERM uses special fine ceramics developed by NASA.


Outstanding Temperature Reduction Effect


COOL THERM greatly reduces the roof temperature, improves the work environment and increases the efficiency of air conditioning. It also keeps heat inside a room in winter, so it reduces the energy consumption throughout the year.

It greatly reduces the heat entrance from the roof  and contributes to cost reduction.
Energy Saving (Example)

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Performance Durability is Different

There are many "reflective coatings" that have an initial reflectivity of 80 to 90%, but lose reflectivity by 20% in 1 to 2 years. As a result, the temperature reduction effect is lost. COOL THERM's initial reflectivity is 92.2%, and it is demonstrated that the reflectivity after 12 years is 79.8% and that of after 15 years is 73%. Even when the COOL THERM surface becomes dirty, it does not affect the room temperature reduction effect thanks to the effect of special ceramics developed by NASA.

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COOL THERM is accepted by the USDA as a non-toxic coating in terms of food sanitation, and it can be used in food factories, dairy factories, and on the interiors of stockbreeding buildings. The quality tests of water in Japan also prove its harmlessness.


COOL THERM is classified as the highest class “K” with zero off-gassing in the flammability test at NASA (Marshall Space Flight Center). COOL THERM does not emit any toxic gases in fire.


The burning test by Japan Railway Rollingstock and Machinery Association for railway vehicle (8-135K) proves that COOL THERM is nonflammable. COOL THERM is classified as the highest class “A” rated having “0” flame spread on all three samples in the flammability test at NASA (Marshall Space Flight Center)

Food Safety and Inspection Service Approval

High Reflective Coating “COOL UP”

A reflective coating called "COOL UP" is also available, which provides the similar thermal barrier effect as other general reflective coatings.