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Maintains the same 7℃ room temperature reduction
after 10 years.Toshiba Logistics Corporation Kyushu Branch(Fukuoka, Metal Roof, 16500㎡)

The same room temperature reduction effect after 10 years

Before the application there were days when the room temperature in the 2nd floor exceeded 37 to 40℃, but after the application the room temperature was reduced to 33℃, and the work environment was improved. The room temperature reduction effect is maintained at the same level even after 10 years.
The room temperature measured in August 1996, right after the application was 32.9℃ when the outside temperature was 36℃. Ten years later in August 2006, the room temperature was still 33℃ when the outside temperature was 36℃. COOL THERM maintains the same temperature reduction effect after 10 years.

Room Temperature Comparison, Before, After, and Again in 10 Years.

The Performance Does Not Change After 12 Years

There are many reflective coatings in the market that have 80 to 90% of reflectivity right after the application, but the reflectivity drops in 1 to 2 years and loses its temperature reduction effect. On the contrary, it is proven that COOL THERM's reflectivity after 12 years is still 80%. (The initial reflectivity of COOL THERM is 92.2%.)

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