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Received the “Secretary of State for Trade and Industry Award”
as a Good-Standing Factory in Energy Control.

Reducing the Air-conditioning Load

S Corporation was one of the first manufacturers who obtained ISO14001, and they have been active in the environmental and green manufacturing process. They are engaged in the CO2 reduction to fight global warming. COOL THERM was selected as a part of their activities to reduce CO2 by reducing the energy consumption of air-conditioners.

To Reduce the Air-conditioning Load

More Effective than Fiberglass Insulation

Factory #1 Factory #2
The temperature difference on the underside between Factory #1 and Factory #2.

The surface of both factory buildings were coated with bituminous paint about 7 years ago.

The underside temperature of Factory A with COOL THERM was 4 to 5℃ lower than that of Factory B with 30mm of fiberglass insulation. This result proves that COOL THERM is much more effective than 30mm insulation.

Payback the Initial Cost in Approximately One Year

The initial cost difference was paid off in about one year with COOL THERM's energy saving effects.